February 3, 2008

I have issues!!!

I have such issues with inferior products!!!

About 6 months or so I purchased about 300+ snap style clips...I thought I was getting the clip in the picture to the left (top one) but the bottom clip showed up...not what the picture showed at all when I was purchasing the item online.

But I went with it, and began sewing up clips for my fairs, Happy me, sewing and sewing every night to hit my goal of 800 items by November...also used them on the baby, cuz they were so gosh darn cute and I was avoiding cutting her bangs...she was about a year old...her hair was not overly thick by any means.

WELL...the clip in the picture above (bottom clip), for lack of a better word...STINK!!! They don't hold shut...I, on occation, couldn't even clip them to card stock for packaging...wow and then to put it on a child's hair...grrrrr. I was embarrassed and then had to scramble to remake the clip to ship out. I also intended to use these for the kits. I could have too...who would hold me responsible? Kids make things that break or don't work all the time. WELL, I just couldn't do it...if I bought a kit or an item, I expect it to work!I state in my profiles at various selling venues, (Etsy.com, MommyAuctions.com, ebay.com) that my products are tested on myself and my kids and this is one good reason for it. I am now sitting on about 300 of these inferior clips...I haven't even tried to sell them because they are that bad...but my competitors use them all the time...
So, when you are shopping for clips...look for these tell tale signs...#1The yucky clips have no gap on the back middle prong.#2The yucky clips only have one bend or bump on the back middle prong.
#3 The yucky clips are more narrow.

...*THIS* is the problem and when you fill it...it snaps open...it doesn't hold for long periods of time and therefore you have to redo the hair do over and over again...
#4 Horror of horrors...they don't take a picture of the back of the clip?!?!?!?
Can you guess why???
do you know what it's like to redo a child's hair ALL DAY Long??? It just doesn't happen!
Well let's just say don't let things get hairy just do it right the first time.

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  1. I like your darling products almost as much as I respect your integrity; my hat's off to you for your work and your standards.