April 3, 2008

Oh Baby Baby!

In honor of my cousin who is about to have his first child...this post is dedicated to the newborn baby girl...

As you can see in this picture the largest clip (M2M Gap's "First Blush") is made with a 40 mm or 1.5 inch clip. (This item is listed at the etsy shop now.) Then the Pink Flower Hair Quilt™ with the orange button is made with a 30 mm or 1.25 inch clip. The Hydrangea Hair Quilt™ is the tiniest, "Preemie" hair clip, made with a 20 mm or 15/16th inch clip.

This is a teeny tiny, "Preemie" hair clip, made just for a newborn cupcake cutie!!!
This item is listed at etsy now!Here is a teeny tiny "Preemie" Chocolate Truffle Hair clip

It looks like the 40 mm size one but is much tinier...and would make a great addition to the larger clip to be used as a sister set or a My Doll and Me set!

Contact me and I can make them up for you as a set for only $9 this month only!
Thanks for looking!

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