April 1, 2008

Spring Cleaning...new and reworked designs coming soon to HappyHouseQuitls.com!

The Cherries are coming next week to Gymboree!!!Here is my preview too...
Add a little bit of bling to your Spring Rainbow outfit?
Listed at MommyAuctions.com store
I wish I were in Palm Springs right now! This and HHQ's signature flower will be added this week...I promise!
The Purse addiction grows (more about that in another post) but this is borrowed from a friend...thanks Maizie!
Lemony Fresh!
comes in pink, bubble gum, lemon and lime!!!
Perfect for cinco de Mayo!
I had this at etsy but reworked it in wool...I can't stop eating cookies at just one, can you?
...this would be so cute in a pony tail version!
Coming soon to M2M Gap section of store!
Baby Gap Shirt

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  1. Great work as always! Soos, soon I will get some of your hair clip for my daughters!Maybe next Friday!