April 4, 2007

Spring Snow

Well the calendar says April 4 but I look out the window and there are several inches of snow and a snowman staring at me. The snow just keeps on coming...I guess it's better than mud which is what this month is famous for here in NH. Mud season is the 5Th season of the year up here.

Today I went to Malden Mills outlet store in Lawrence, MA with a good friend and sewing enthusiast. Unfortunately it was my first and last trip as they are closing their doors. Got some great deals though which made me and my pocketbook happy. I came home and set right to the sewing/creativity corner of my house...a.k.a. my bed, and made a little posy out of some pretty pink and green polar fleece. I suppose it's sacrilegious to make such a trivial decoration out of such a functional piece of fabric but small works for me, I can make it and complete it before someone screams...MOM!!!

Today it was..."MOM...she is shoveling over my road"..."MOM...I can't find my mittens"...and the baby just has to sit and cry to let me know she is wanting my attention. what is a mom of 3 to do? I love creating things when the world is pulling me in all different directions. And selling something on Etsy is just the right pat on the back that I need.

So today I shipped 2 items that sold, one on Etsy and one to a friend that saw a picture on Etsy. It's a good thing that I shipped them early too with all the snow we are expected to get...maybe up to 10 inches.

Tomorrow has some promise of a snow day for my first grader but it may also bring friends over for a crafting group that meets every 2 weeks. I hope the snow is over and the roads are clean by the morning. I plan on making some long overdue cards for Easter and some early Mother's Day cards...maybe even some Father's Day and birthday cards too. Maybe I'll even make some extra and sell a collection on Etsy...who knows.

Life is good, the kids are healthy and happy and our bills are paid...Love Lives in this Happy House!!!

Blessings, Jodi

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