April 14, 2007

The new banner is up and linked to Etsy!

Gosh, a huge thank you to Marc and Becky for helping me with my banner...I'm doing the Happy Dance as we speak despite being up since 3:30 a.m.
Also big thanks to all the supportive folks at Etsy Kids...you can check many of them out in my links section.
I am so excited about this new venture. Steady and slow and make a product that we can be proud of. Most of our items get tested on ourselves and our children so PRIDE is putting it mildly.
I spent much time today working on this blog and my Etsy store, linking to many new supportive designers and fellow Etsians...I think most of it is put in place and now I can focus on sewing and making new patterns...Listing new creations that welcome SPRING...do you hear that Mother Nature? Spring!!!
Spring IS really here despite the snow and sleet and wind...my new hair quilts will refect blossoms and butterflies and ladybugs...the buds on the trees are already showing. I am also thrilled to make some new designs for children that use some new butterfly and transportation fabric. It will soon be time to go to the park and play in the sand box and travel to the ocean and the lakes...ahhh I may need a new Coffee Quilt...one that might match my kids...mommy and me items are so much fun!!! Puppy and me are cute too...hmmm, so much to sew, so little time.
Have a Happy day and night! I need some rest for a big day tomorrow.

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