April 11, 2007

How we got here...

Our evolution...
2 mommy friends who love to sew and stay at home with our children came upon an idea that we though was outrageous considering our 6 kids but worth a try. We love coffee and wanted to make our naked cups pretty...so out of need Coffee Quilts were born. I do the quilting and she does the serging. We got into a coffee shop in downtown Concord, NH and were ecstatic. Headache-Free Headbands with interchangeable clips became into reality when my first grader and my partner's kindergartener’s hair needed a makeover. The clips keep emerging as ideas pop into our heads. The blossoms came about because a friend's toddler was pulling petals off a silk flower and she was going to throw it away...isn't recycling cool?

The concept for pets goes hand in hand with the children’s line of Custom Boutique Hair Accessories however the clips have an added layer of felt or ribbon to protect the pet’s neck from rubbing against any metal parts. Daisy, my dog, loves to look pretty!!!

We hope you love our line of accessories as much as we do...more ideas are in development...inquiries are welcome!!! Custom orders are accepted on a case by case basis.

We are, of course, moms first and our passion for sewing comes in second all the time.

Worthy of a view is our mommy friend Craftykathi.etsy.com ~her recycled grocery bag tote bags are awesome!!!

Have a Happy Day! Come back real soon!

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