March 27, 2009

I finished my wool tote!

I look exhausted but I HAD to share this, because this week I finished a project that I had been working on for 3 years!
2 panels, a smaller panel for a pocket and one huge brown gusset that seemed to go on forever...but really only 84 inches. Felted the whole thing up this week and it took 3 cycles in the machine.
Check out the buttons...I knitted them up with a finer yarn with a #2 needle and inserted old bottle caps to give it form...made cording with double pointed needles with the same variegated yarn and left them unfelted for a great contrast.
I needle felted the other side :)
Karen convinced me it needed to be lined so I used an old pair of corduroys and some green homespun for the liner...even got to use one of the pockets and a belt loop from the pants on the inside...I loved those pants before they ripped on me.

It felt good to create and complete a project...I am grateful to God for giving me the gift of creativity.


  1. That is super cool!

  2. That is gorgeous!!! I think you look so hip and chic with that and your hair! Very young and fresh, baby!! Not exhausted in the least :)

    I'd like to put my order in for one. I can wait 3 years;) Really, just fabulous!!

    xoxo Lisa

  3. I can't believe you finished it! It is amazing! I expecially love the needle felting. Good job.

  4. Jodi-
    I LOVE IT!! You are so very creative! This piece would be a favorite of mine on Etsy! I love the flowers losing their petals - like a dandelion losing it's hairs - that is my image of my eyelashes slowly letting go of my face - funny thing I see them everywhere now...You look fantastic! Your hair style is really very cute! Drop me a line when you get the chance and tell me what's happening - I feel like we've lost touch....I miss it. I miss YOU! I'll see you on Facebook!

  5. you did a fantastic job! Well done! I love both totes

  6. I came by to see how you were doing. You were one of my favorite ladies on EtsyMoms and I wanted you to know how inspiring you are to me. Last year my husband was in Iraq for 15 months (his second deployment) and my youngest child (only son after 3 girls!) was diagnosed with autism. Not a surprise. It was good to put a name to what was going on and try to help him. But it was agonizing with all the therapy, drs, skills trainers, blah, blah, blah and on my own. It was through my funk and days of why me and poor me that I came across that you had been diagnosed with cancer and was fighting it with the most unbelievable grace I could imagine. I have been following you and wanted to send you my love and thanks. You helped me to face my challenges (which continue every day with Henry. I never know what it may bring!) I don't know how you did day to day but everytime I read your word of gratitude and courage it pumped me up. Just wanted to tell you.
    Love, Angela

  7. So beautiful :) good job :) glad to see U and you look amazing ;}