December 14, 2007

Special Wool Pouch Tutorial from HHQ

These little pockets have been a huge hit in my local market. So I thought I'd share the simple recipe to make them!

Cut one 3x6 inch rectangle of wool felt.
Design the front with simple designs and embellish with beads, buttons, pretty pearl cottons. (kit available inquire at Happy House Quilts)
Cut ribbon about 5 inches.
Loop ribbon they way you like and attach with button to match.
Fold rectangle in half and sew up the sides, give yourself room to cut away any uneven sides.
Cut away the very top edge with pinking shears to make it look neat. You can cut away the side edges with the shears too or trim to be even with straight shears.

Fill a 2x3 inch plastic bag with potpourrie, I choose cedar and fill the pocket with the bag.

Type the info:
This pocket is made with wool felt by Use it for an ornament, in your closet or with a gift card to give away. To activate cedar, punch pin holes in bag. Place in desired drawers, closets, chests, etc. Add to the pocket.
Obviously you will replace my shop name with your own.This one is my favorite!

You can also stuff the pocket with a gift card, or a special note to a loved one, hershey's hugs or kisses would be great too! If you like making these we can post pictures of them to a flickr group...let me know!
Create from within!


  1. What neat pouches! :) Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I'm working on a couple of these tonight! Thanks, Jodi!