December 11, 2007

Need Grows this Holiday Season for Toys Made in the USA: Happy House Quilts Craft Kits fit the profile!

Happy House Quilts offers no lead paint and no overseas production. Actually the production of the Craft kits are processed on the kitchen table of a little home in NH. All the cutting and assembly is done in NH. All the drafting and writing was done in NH.

Any wool felt used has been manufactured in Massachusetts at National Nonwovens

I am even a Yankee...with a pedigree dating back to 1060!!!!!

What's Yankee? Well, I'm an adoptee, but upon my search a few years ago, I figured out this very perplexing question. It means my ancestors came over to America during or before the Revolutionary War. Pretty cool. I'm not a DAR (Daughters of the Revolution) or anything...not sure if they would accept me...being an adoptee...but it's still cool to have a past....

But I digress...craftiness is in the tradition of being a Yankee...ingenuity and resourcefulness. So all that put together has created me and my Happy House Quilts, made in the USA, always quilt inspired, always practical and fashionable.

Create from within! Go get crafty!
Thanks for reading!


  1. What a great idea and a great contribution to "buy in America"; great writing in our blog! Wish you great success!

  2. You should add one of your tutorials to this thread in the Etsy forums

  3. I love the idea of what you do and would love to write a blog about your company on my site. I only write about companies that are exclusively made in USA.

  4. Very cool! Love this!