May 24, 2007

Thursday 13

13 things about being a mom that I never dreamed of ever happening...
  1. hearing my own mother's voice come out of MY mouth DAILY!
  2. seeing my daughters become best friends
  3. pride in hearing 100+ elementary schoolers sing off key
  4. being too tired to take a shower some days
  5. seeing wrinkles grow daily all over my face
  6. Feeling the absolute glee in hearing the word "ma-ma" come out of a 11 month old's mouth
  7. wanting to just hide from my kids some times during the day
  8. having a day of not wanting to be touched or stained
  9. having a day of not wanting to ever let them go...letting them sit on my lap and napping with them in their beds, refusing to let them get on the school bus.
  10. sharing the love of creating functional ETSY!!!
  11. wishing that some of their clothes came in my size! Like skorts!!!
  12. seeing my 7 year old do a back handspring!
  13. And finally, feeling SO HAPPY that 3 is it for me, and knowing that there won't be anymore. For me, 3 is a perfect number

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