May 26, 2007

how to stretch a dollar at etsy!!!

Money is tight but I do NEED to buy some things...and I also feel a responsibility to support my etsy community.

Number Crayons (this is going to be part of a b-day present for the almost 2 year old I babysit for)

Ice cream cone necklace (I got this for Ellie #2 DD for helping me babysit all year...she adores Icecream!!!)

Honey buns (love this on MY hands and feet! But got it for baby's bum)

awesome pin cushion (sits right next to my lovely sewing machine! This was a splurge, shhhh don't tell hubby!)


  1. You sure know how to find good stuff! I splurged on some soap for myself. Don't tell my husband either.

  2. hi does that cream work on your face as well as hands and feet. is it soft?

  3. thnxs for writing a comment i love those necklaces and i also like the floral print. they look really good.