May 27, 2007

Coming soon to an etsy near you!!!

I just love the look of black and white and I was thrilled to find this floral print in black and white and have been so excited to make something with it!!! Check with Happy House Quilts at Etsy as these should be available just after the holiday! If you have to have one sooner just let me know by leaving a comment!
The pink French clip Hair Quilts (tm) are also coming soon and I included them in the photo as they all seem to look good together!
I feel so blessed by God to be able to make what I love and share it all with everyone that appreciates it. Thanks so much for coming by...blessings to you on this Sunday!


  1. I love your hair quilts. This black and white pattern is one of my favorites~beautiful!

  2. These are the cutest things! Great idea. Your blog looks great, btw. So much info to take in...I may be here a while:)

  3. I love these! Can't wait to see more!