May 29, 2008

Chemo not so bad so far...sneak peek to hair cut too.

Day one of chemo...right before it you can see..i'm smiling! But even after it was done I was just a little bit tired...not too bad. I'm on anti nausea and steroids that are keeping my energy level up and I had a NuLasta shot today to help stimulate my bone marrow to make more white blood cells for days 7-12 when i will see a dip in white blood cell counts and will be highly's going to get hard with 3 germy kids running around....but the bright side is that it's summer and not winter in NH with cold and flu season. :)Shirley and Jill were the "comfort cart" volunteers this week. They visit with a cart once a week to the infusion unit. What a nice thing to do...I also got to experience Reiki which is a healing energy art form led by 2 other volunteers...i'll have to update this again with their names...I've misplaced them. The ice cream was a nice start to my chemo regime...too bad I can't get it more often.

To donate to the Breast Cancer program at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center...follow this link.
I'm not sure if you can directly go to the breast care center but this was all done at the infusion chemo many Norris Cotton Cancer patients will benefit :) Thanks in advance!

So here is the new hair do...I haven't had my hair this short since fifth grade when my mom cut my hair to look like Dorothy Hamill...oh back in the day it was all the rage. My oncologist saw my hair cut and said it was still too long and that it might be shocking when it falls out in clumps least it was a good first step....I guess you will all get to see me get the head shave too...I'll keep you posted if I'm not to modest to share them.

about 10 inches went to locks of love...not bad!

Here we were the other day (that's Becky with the medicine/angel/fairy doll) sewing up some new fleece hair...the burlad didn't cut it...and that's Karen with the monster doll with my 6 year old picking out eyes and sewing up the hole in her side.

Find more info about our Art Therapy Project with kids and Beating Breast Cancer, click here!


  1. LOVE, LOVE The hair! Chin up and keep smiling, your my new hero :)

  2. look so cute!!! I know I'm biased 'cause I wear my hair short myself, but know you're girls are gonna want to cut their hair like that too :)

    Thanks for sharing and keep smiling :)

  3. Your hair looks adorable, and if you can muster up the nerve to do it you should get a little pixie cut because you SO have the face for it, with that beautiful bone structure!

    I'm glad the chemo's underway now and the healing journey has started, and that it hasn't been too bad.

    I was thinking about something I read...if you don't have one now, a happiness book is a great mood elevator for anyone. It's just a book that you right down anything and everything nice that's ever happened to you, or nice things that people have said to you, or that you've done for someone else that made you feel great. Then if you feel low, you can bring it out and read it.

    - Pam (Appalachian Blossoms from Mommy Auctions)

  4. Dear Jodi,
    I agree with Pam, it helps to reflect on all the ups and the positives by journaling. I believe you are on the right track in that department. And oh! That hairdo is FABULOUS! Take are being thought of and are a very bright light in all of our lives.
    Prayers for you throughout this chapter...and it is...only a chapter...keep turning the pages!
    Reen, from Mommy Auctions ;o)