March 3, 2008

Eight years ago...

Eight years ago, I became a mother. In some ways these years seem so long, as I feel so old, but in so many other ways it was a simple blink.I made cupcakes for her second grade class...and can I just say that I sew them better than I frost them?! LOL! Love my cupcake taker by Tupperware!!!That paper cupcake is from PumpkinSeedMama...needed to share the cuteness of it and offset the ugly cupcakes.

I am more tired than I have ever been in my entire life...but watching my 3 girls grow has been so fulfilling as a woman. I am so proud to be their mom and I hope to stop and smell their hair more, like right after they get out of the shower...not the roses but their loveys, Rabbi, dolly and blankie...take in the little giggles and private jokes more. Give more hugs and raise my voice less, slow down and listen with my 2 ears and talk less with my one mouth. I hope that these next few years slow that I can watch my children grow and become women that I truly want to be friend's with.
This picture was taken this past weekend..not sure what the style statement is with the hat brim folded up too much....but they thought they were cool. We have had over 102 inches of snow fall this winter...yikes!
Good times!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter too!

    They grow so quickly don't they?

  2. Beautiful girls, I have 3 too and I can relate to everything you said:)

  3. Your girls are just lovely! Makes me want another!