February 6, 2008

Happy Houses Everywhere Despite Cabin Fever, When Children Find Pleasure and Contentment in Creative Play

Fashion is big business and it’s trendy. Now your daughter can dress like her doll and be a designer by sewing her own hair clips for herself and her doll, opening up a wonderful creative world of make believe and role modeling. Children need stimulation to play, otherwise boredom sets in, misbehavior ensues and a sedentary lifestyle with video games and television shows become the way of life. New doll clothes and Craft Kits encourage your child to play with good old fashion toys by way of making it trendy.

Loudon, New Hampshire (FPRC) February 5, 2008 -- The revival of the handmade movement and the internet forges friendships and business connections to benefit children. Young children’s fragile sense of self and self esteem is just beginning to grow and strengthen. MaPetiteChou and Happy House Quilts are 2 home based businesses that are embracing the concept of active play and forging bonds between children and families. These 2 stay at home moms are making a difference from one corner of the country to the other.

MaPetiteChou means: my baby cabbage, my little cabbage, my little darling, and Denise who is the designer behind the boutique has chosen to stay at home and sew after the passing of her husband. Stay at home moms making a difference in the lives of children is what this partnership with Happy House Quilts is all about. Mapetitechou is an online boutique that has designed outfits that are inspired by local retail stores. Now the little girl can have a doll that looks like them and dresses like them too in a cool and trendy way.

Jodi Doody, of Happy House Quilts, is a master’s level Art Therapist and creates items to inspire children to also create. She not only makes hair accessories but also kits for children to make with parents, friends or with grandparents. The little girl can not only make a hair accessory for herself or a friend, but also be a designer for her “baby”. The concept of activity to bring families together is not new, but in this fast paced world of internet, cell phones, i-pods and video games our society has lost track of game nights or hobbies. MaPetiteChou and Happy House Quilts are 2 moms that are trying to bring that old fashion concept of play and sewing back into the forefront of childhood.

For a child, the years between 5-12 have been called the age of industry vs. inferiority according to Eric Ericson. Having a toy that looks like them and dresses like them can strengthen their sense of control over their environment and allow them a powerful way to master many situations that occur throughout the day. Having a kit to teach them new skills or bring generations together for teaching time can build powerful bonds that will last a lifetime.

Jodi Doody from Happy House Quilts has accepted the invitation to become a guest designer at MaPetiteChou and design matching hair accessories and craft kits for both child and doll that also match the outfits. Jodi often says, “The Threadibilities Craft Kits™ encourage success, because many things are possible with thread!” These inspiring ensembles are all handmade in the USA by moms. The workmanship is inspiring and the outfits themselves allow for a pivot point for the imagination of a young girl to take off.

As parents we want our children to grow and develop a positive sense of self and be able to initiate activities without the need for batteries or electricity. Encouraging imaginative play and developing a hobby like sewing are two old fashion ways to support childhood and brain development that a parent can be proud of. To find out more about these two crafty moms check out their websites at www.MaPetiteChou.com and www.HappyHouseQuilts.com.

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