January 18, 2016

Where has the time gone and what happened to all my photos?!

Well this is an unpleasant surprise...coming to revive my blog and finding that all the photos are gone?  I have no idea what could have happened except maybe blogger did something?  Maybe my time expired?  I just don't know, but I am sad...or maybe I should embrace this opportunity?

Maybe it's the universe's way of telling me it's time for a new chapter?  Turn the page...write a new page...create again.  Well...I am still "quilt inspired" and will post some pics from the recent past (2015) just to catch you all up :)

We got a ton of snow in 2015!

Loon Mtn.

Lake Ivanhoe, NH

It's a goldfish cake :)

Fourth of July with the Cousins up at Loon Moutain, NH.

Bath, NH

Nordic Farm, VT

Bristol Falls, VT

Lake Champlain, VT

My oldest is learning how to drive this year!

Meadowledge Farm, NH

2015 was a good year!

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