October 4, 2007

My Goals for my shop

Well...I'm inching fast towards 100 sales by December 31...as I hit 53 today!
275 hearts...but hearts are not really a goal of mine...it's all about sales! And transferring money from paypal back to my checking account to recoup some of the investment in craft supplies!

Craftzine.com highlighting my Friendly Flowers is a bonus but more global exposure was also on the list!

2 Craft fairs selling 800 items...could i actually sell out????

Blogging daily? Well with 3 kids and a dog and other children that I watch during the day...it's doing pretty good.

Listing several times a day!!! This is key to sales at etsy...i just know it!

make 40 items a week for next few weeks prior to fairs.

Expand Dog line.

Investigate and gain wholesale customers.

1 comment:

  1. Great goals - I'm sure you'll hit them! and congrats on craftzine.com - very cool!